December 21, 2021

Why Are Home Projects Taking So Long? (And What You Can Do About It)

Here’s what you should know if you’re hoping to give your home a fresh look.

It’s been a tough two years, but we’re enthusiastically anticipating 2022. Have you been wondering if 2022 will be the year your home gets a fresh look? There’s no doubt the pandemic has shifted the way we live in our homes. People are spending more time at home, and less resources toward other experiences (such as travel and entertainment), so they’re really seeing the value in investing in their homes. Homeowners are thinking about their spaces differently, as well. They’re reinventing their home offices, prioritizing comfort, and embracing intimate social gatherings at home. The outdoors has become second living spaces for many. And those who are fortunate to own second homes are truly appreciating the opportunity to escape.

Of course, along with all these positives, many challenges have also arisen. I’ve shared with you in the past about how much I value in setting realistic expectations with our clients. I’d like to do that now and explain a little bit about what’s really going on. Projects are taking so much longer than they ever have. Furnishing projects that used to take 6-9 months from kickoff to completion are taking more than a year, and larger construction projects are taking 12-24 months. I hate to say it, but it’s not getting better any time soon. Most of that extended timeline is waiting for products. There are material and supply issues, factory shortages, and delivery delays. It’s so hard to see our clients ready to pull the trigger on a project, and then feel discouraged when they learn how long it all may take. I get it. It’s frustrating for us, too! So, with all this information, what can we do together to move things along? Here’s what we’ve found to work well:

Plan Ahead

We’ve totally shifted our projects regarding timeline and encourage you to assemble your whole team as soon as possible. Your instinct may be to wait until you’re in the final stages of your project to bring in a designer, but that approach can put everything on pause. Instead, when we’re working cohesively with your builder and architect from the beginning, we can share our perspective from the jump.

Early on, we can help by creating furniture floorplans (without making final selections!) so the builders know precisely where to place plumbing, light fixtures, and floor outlets. We can help make material selections, such as countertops, tile, flooring, and plumbing, which are imperative to a cohesive design. And we can integrate smart home technology when the walls are already open, and it makes the most sense.

Be Flexible

I can relate to feeling impatient about wanting to see changes in your space. While we typically do a large installation at the end of a project, we’ve experimented with more phased installations, and it’s been an agreeable compromise for some of our clients. Adding layers bit by bit may help you feel the refresh you crave. These days, upholstery projects are taking the longest. However, paint, wallcoverings, drapes, and light fixtures are the foundational layer of our design and can often be installed on a shorter timeline.

We recently had a client move into their redesigned space, which included a kitchen renovation . . . with the old appliances still in place. In the past, that could have felt like a major bummer. But these days, it felt worth it to start enjoying their home as soon as possible. We know the new appliances will be here at some point—and will probably be appreciated that much more. Another strategy to consider if you’re feeling stuck in your space is to just say goodbye to the items you no longer love. The new year is a popular time to declutter and begin fresh. If the chair you’ve been eyeing isn’t available for another 8 months, you may love your space a lot more in the meantime if you find a new home for the chair you’re sick of. We’re still seeing the effects of the past two years, but this is an exciting time to reevaluate how we’re living and our homes. As we’re constantly shifting the way we work, we’re stretching ourselves creatively and encourage you to also think creatively about the home you wish to have.

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