February 24, 2021

Nailing the Look: 5 Designer Styling Secrets You Can Steal

My go-tos for stylish bookshelves, perfect pillow combos, dreamy beds, and more!

Designing a space takes a lot of planning, time, and effort. Our team works hard to understand your style preferences and how you use your space. We imagine clever ways to make the most of every square inch available. We tap our amazing network of sources, artisans, and tradespeople to create beautiful, and often one-of-a-kind pieces. We coordinate all the big and little details to make it come together in a way that’s seamless and stress-free for you.

When it’s all said and done, it’s a very fluid process, and designing is never a simple formula. Each project is unique. However, when it comes to putting on the finishing touches, we have a few favorites and rules of thumb that consistently work well for us. Here are my go-tos you can try at home:

Play with Pillows:

We like to place a few different pillows on sofas. For a mix that coordinates, each one should have a unique element. For example, a large-scale pattern + a small-scale pattern + a solid. Or a variety of textures. When it comes to size, again, go bigger here. Try starting with three 24x24 size pillows for a super comfy feel. Adding a large lumbar in front to create a lush & layered look.

Include Plants:

Most of our rooms contain greenery or flowers. A touch of nature brings so much life into a space. Large plants can add a great vertical element to any room. In a dining room, branches can add interest to a tabletop. They have a lot of volume and last a long time, so you get a big impact for relatively low effort.

Go Big:

In general, we think most people should always go bigger than they think for accessories like rugs, light fixtures, and art. I see a lot of too-small rugs out there! I encourage you to push the limits on size a bit. Especially in smaller spaces, appropriately scaled items can make your room feel larger.

Create a Cozy Bed:

Making a bed that invites you to sink into it is all about the layers! Our go-to combination always begins with incredible sheets. Everybody has a different preference here. Some love the cool, soft feel of linen, while others prefer crisp cotton. Go with what you like best, but don’t skimp on quality. Then, we top it with a cloud-like duvet. At the foot of the bed, a throw blanket in a faux fur or chunky texture breaks up the smoothness of the duvet. For pillows, we like the look of shams + decorative pillows + a 24x24 lumbar pillow in front.

Mix Up Your Shelves:

Bookcases are for more than just books. They’re excellent opportunities to personalize your room with family photos, small pieces of art, mementos, and book topics that have meaning to you. Create layers by varying the way things are stacked. Try some vertical, and some horizontal with an object on top. Mix in pieces that are different scales, materials, heights, and textures. The goal is a collected, yet styled look.

If you’re ready to reimagine your home, then please reach out to me so we can start the conversation. In the meantime, I hope you try some of these tips in your spaces. They are small changes that can make a big difference in how finished your room looks and are a great way to switch things up when you crave a little change.

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