January 29, 2021

My Love List: People, Places, and Things That Inspire Me

Love is in the air! I share some of the things I adore most and how they help me stay passionate in my work.

A big part of being a successful interior designer is coming up with fresh ideas. When I’m feeling worn out or hitting a block, I know there are several things I can turn to get re-energized.


Experiencing unfamiliar cultures is a wonderful way to explore different color schemes, patterns, and motifs. I also find that when I’m in a more relaxed state, such as on vacation, I’m more receptive to everything around me, and I have time to reflect. Working in the hospitality industry, I’m always inspired by the places we stay, and it’s fun to experience hotels as a guest vs. a professional. When we can travel more easily, I love spending time on the Cape or in Florida with my family. I discover and tuck away the littlest details, such as the pattern the waves make on the sand, as inspiration for future projects. My sister and I try to travel internationally together once a year—Paris, with its incredible architecture, is one of our favorite destinations.


Spending time with those we love is always a good reset, and as my daughters have gotten older, we’ve enjoyed doing more creative activities together. We get a kick out of watching baking shows (any fellow “Nailed It!” fans?), and occasionally attempt to recreate their confections. We also love making artwork together. This year, I offered to be one of the 5th grade room parents, so we’ve tried a bunch of fun projects, such as making leaf lanterns, candles, and Christmas tree mobiles. Crafting on Zoom is a whole different world!

My Team: 

I’ve previously shared how my amazing team is the key to having a smooth workflow. When things are busy, everyone pitches in to help. Everyone in our firm is smart and talented. In addition to that, I personally find each member of our team cool and stylish. From fashion, to hobbies, to food, we’re constantly sharing our favorite things and best ideas with each other.


Although I’ve been in the business for nearly two decades, I consider myself a lifelong student of design. I’m always learning, and I get a rush from discovering fresh sources, up-and-coming artists, and cutting-edge materials. I love scouring design magazines and books to seek out what’s new in our industry. If that means I have an inner design geek, then I embrace it!

It seems like now, more than ever, we’re all craving some change. I hope my love list encourages you to look at your world with fresh eyes.

Until next time.

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