Urban Nest

Boston Waterfront, Massachusetts

A Transformation in Progress

After working with these longtime clients on projects from north to south and points in between, we knew something special was in store when this call came in. Eager to embrace their newfound status as empty nesters, they had purchased a city home with great bones and loads of potential to serve as their main residence. The key would be a large scale renovation, with the Rachel Reider Interiors team at the helm from concept to completion. Paramount to the process was thoughtful space planning, with careful consideration given to the kitchen and bathrooms. With the transformation well underway, the sophisticated urban dwelling of our clients' dreams began to emerge.

Material Inspiration

Coming from a suburban setting with a subdued color palette and transitional style, our clients looked to us to push the design envelope with this project. We introduced sophisticated materials such as metals, rich wood tones, mother of pearl wall coverings, and shagreen leather to serve as the sleek foundation. Plush fabrics like velvet, mohair, and silk were then added to create textural and luxurious layers. Together, all facets of the design create an inviting home that radiates warmth amidst the cool urban vibe.

Waters Edge Living

Truro, Massachusetts

Material Inspiration

From the moment we arrived for our first site visit, it was clear that the home's natural surroundings of both land and sea would serve as our design inspiration. A palette of blues and neutral tones serve as a tranquil backdrop for graphic details that tie in the slate and walnut architectural elements found throughout the home. Fabrics such as nubby linens and waxed leather are a study in contrasts, accented by sheer window treatments that capture the breezy essence of summer on Cape Cod. From a practical standpoint, each fabric, finish, and furnishing was chosen with the family's three young boys in mind. Durability and comfort were paramount, making outdoor fabrics a clear winner for both the interior and exterior.

Furniture Selection

With urban roots in their primary residence just outside of Boston, the couple's tastes leaned towards sleek, modern pieces, and the goal for their Cape home was to create a comfortable oasis that was functional without sacrificing high design. Clean, tailored lines, and contemporary light fixtures mix seamlessly with natural elements such as a pebble wood coffee table to create a layered environment that's warm and welcoming for family and friends.

A Transformation in Progress

With installation on the horizon after a year-long renovation, the anticipation of seeing it all come together is building by the day. We hope you'll check back for photos of the completed project.

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