April 27, 2020

Why We Should Start Your Home Project Now

After spending weeks inside our homes, we have a deeper understanding of what’s working, or not. Let’s start thinking about how we can move forward together.

Well, here we still are, a month or more into various levels of quarantine. If you’re like me, you may feel like you’re settling into a new rhythm. Our new routine and lots of time at home has given us plenty of opportunity to think about all the things we might want to change around our house, both functionally and aesthetically. I know I’m certainly making lists!  I’ve held off on renovating our kitchen because it’s a huge undertaking, and also because I wanted to take time to truly understand the functionality. During this time at home, when we’re doing more cooking and getting the kids more involved in the kitchen, I finally feel like I have a solid grasp on our needs. I’ve been working on some planning; creating floor plans and selecting materials and finishes as well as getting in contractors’ queues, so we can start the process.As I’ve been prioritizing improvements in my own home, I want to help you do the same thing. If you’ve been contemplating making changes to your home for a while, but embarking on a big project would normally be overwhelming for you, now is a great opportunity to get a head start. Reach out to us now about the possibility of our working together. The design process often has us doing a couple months’ work before construction begins anyways, so we can use this time to get fairly far into the planning stages. Together, we can create a project roadmap so when we get the green light, we can move forward as efficiently as possible.

When this time of staying home first began, I was skeptical at how we’d be able to move projects forward. But as these challenging weeks have gone by, I’ve been surprised and excited by how much progress we’ve been able to make remotely. We’re fortunate to be going through this pandemic in an era of technology and connection. This has enabled our team to communicate well and work effectively. We’ve always held weekly status meetings to touch base on all of our projects. Now we just do it virtually through Zoom! In that same vein, we can get started on your project. 

Here are the ways we can get started on your project ASAP:

  • Remotely, we can have our initial kickoff meeting to define the scope of the work, discuss your lifestyle needs, and begin space planning.
  • Behind the scenes, our team will start working on floor plans and sourcing furniture and materials, getting quotes, and putting together a design presentation.
  • We’ve been busy creating virtual presentations for our clients and sending over labeled fabric and material swatches. This allows us to go through the presentations with you, step-by-step, while social distancing. The process has been remarkably smooth. Just a couple weeks ago, we presented an entire house design to our clients. We got their approval and are moving onto the next steps! That’s real progress—and it puts us ahead of a lot of other projects that have halted.
  • One of the big benefits of starting now is that we can get your projects at the front of our vendors’ queues. Once they’re able to begin work, there’ll be a rush of people placing orders, but our wait times will be minimized.

This unique time is an ideal opportunity for us to start those initial stages of embarking on a big project. If you’re intrigued by this idea and ready to start checking some things off your own list, then let’s set a date for a Zoom call and get started! We can “meet,” discuss your project, and take a quick virtual tour of the spaces you’d like to address. So many aspects of the path ahead are unknown, but we don’t have to stay stuck. Let’s use our energy and the tools available to us to get as far as we can. I hope to hear from you soon.Until next time,

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