September 2, 2021

Think Outside the Box with Your Finishes

Get inspired by these creative wallpaper, tile, and wall treatment ideas.

It’s easy to fall back on what’s familiar when choosing finishes, but that’s how you end up with a room that’s predictable. As a professional designer, I’m constantly exploring my creativity to bring my clients personalized spaces. I love taking common materials and surfaces and playing with them to make something unique. Here are some fun ideas for you to try in your own home.

Wallpaper can bring an unexpected punch to otherwise forgotten areas.

Try This:

  • Hang it in your powder room. In a small space, you can go a little bolder!
  • Place it on your ceiling to draw the eye up and highlight a unique light fixture.
  • Line bookcases with wallpaper to create an interesting backdrop to special pieces.
  • Employ acoustical wallpaper, which is lightly padded, in a room where you play music or movies.
  • Choose a textured wall covering for warmth and richness.


Tile doesn’t just belong on the floor. This material can add depth and pattern to a variety of surfaces.

Try This:

  • Make a statement with your fireplace by covering it in an eye-catching tile.
  • Tile all the way up the ceiling in your kitchen or breakfast area for a room that feels cohesive and is also low maintenance.
  • Add visual interest to a vanity wall in your bathroom.
  • Inlay a column of exquisite mosaic in your shower for striking surprise.

Walls are often overlooked, but there are more options for your vertical surfaces than just paint. The right treatment can activate the entire space and add loads of dimension to your design.

Try This:

  • Opt for high gloss paint to turn a lackluster room into a jewel box.
  • Anchor your room with an art installation, like we did with these antique mirrored panels.
  • Turn your space into an oasis by hanging wood paneling that has open troughs to grow live plants.
  • Bring architectural character into a plain room with decorative moldings, beautified baseboards, and upgraded trims.

Next time you feel stuck with a dull space, make it spectacular with one of these fresh ideas.

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