September 30, 2020

The 7 Emotional Stages of a Renovation

We’ve shared about our design process, but what do you, as the client go through? Let’s talk about what the experience feels like.

If you’ve ever embarked on a major design project before, you’re probably familiar with the full range of feelings that go along with it. But if you’re new to the process, the different emotions might come as a bit of a surprise. We often remark on how it’s really a full circle experience, and your reactions are all normal! Here’s what you can expect:


Kicking off a new project always begins with excitement. The day when we give you our design presentation is especially thrilling. It’s ok to feel slightly overwhelmed by all the details. Just put your faith in us that the vision will come together.


There are a couple points when you might feel apprehensive. Reaching out to us for the first time is a big step. You might wonder if we’ll accept the project, or if your budget is large enough. I promise that just having that first conversation will make you feel better, and we’ll handle the rest one step at a time. You also might feel nervous to sign the design proposal and put down a deposit. It helps to keep the end result in mind, and remember all the tasks we’re managing, to put the value into perspective.


When pieces start to arrive and elements begin getting added, you may question whether it’s really going to come together like you imagined. It’s typical for us to communicate closely here so we can reassure you that everything’s on track. We also need to remain patient, as the custom details that make the design extra special, take time.


As we near the finish line of any project, we all get a little restless. Renovations are messy, and it’s hard to feel like regular life is disrupted. Little annoyances build up, and you’re ready to enjoy your new space and return to your routine. Take a deep breath; we’re almost there.

5. JOY:

Ah, the finish line! When everything is installed, from the furniture to the finishing touches, and we get to walk you through it, it’s simply the best day. Finally, you get to see how fabulous the project looks. The smile on your face says it all, and it’s natural to feel a dash of relief that it really looks as stunning as we’d promised.


Certainly, you’re thankful that the project is over, and it’s exactly what you wanted. But actually, you’ll be grateful at many points throughout the process, as we coordinate all the various aspects and let you know we’ve got every task covered. One of the biggest benefits of hiring a professional designer is that we save you time and energy.


With many of our repeat clients, we’re back to where we began: inspired to transform another space. With subsequent projects, it’s easier to go with the flow because we’ve built that trust and have developed a mutual understanding.

I hope normalizing these emotions helps you let go of your fears, so we can take the first step in transforming your space.

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