July 2, 2019

Summer Has Officially Arrived

Our two daughters recently finished kindergarten and third-grade and it’s time to start a whole new routine. We’re hoping our summer includes many visits to the beach and our colorful house on Cape Cod. Designing our own summer home was a fun process and it continues to evolve.

Vacation homes are some of our favorite projects at RRI because our clients tend to be a bit more daring with their second home. Color, texture and enough bunk beds for overnight guests are key elements to designing a second home. Selecting durable fabrics is a must, and we often source indoor-outdoor fabrics for the main living areas so that sun, sand, and suntan lotion aren’t a worry. Because after all, weekends should be spent relaxing and not cleaning up after the kids and house guests.

Click here to see one our latest beach houses on the Cape

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