October 27, 2020

An Easy Fall Checklist for Your Home

I’m sharing my best ideas—big and small—for making this season cozy and memorable.

The weather is dipping, and it’s time to plan for the months ahead. As we move into fall, there are some things that are always on our to-do list, but as our priorities have shifted, now is also a good time to reimagine how we’re using our spaces. Many people will be handling the holidays differently, as well. Your hosting and travel plans may not be what they’ve looked like in the past, but there are still ways to make the season feel special. Here’s a list of some of the things I’m doing—and you can do, too—to get ready for what’s ahead:

1. Rethink your outdoor spaces so they can be enjoyed longer. 

Fire pits, heat lamps, tenting, or even just some high-quality wool blankets might let us take some festivities alfresco. You may not be hosting a full Thanksgiving feast, but inviting neighbors over for a hot apple cider happy hour on the patio could be the start of a new tradition.

2. Upgrade your tech. 

A laptop stand or tablet holder can make it so much easier to video chat with remote friends and family during the holidays. Maybe this year, it would be fun to cook a family-favorite recipe “together” with a distant loved one.

3. Create multiple gathering spaces. 

If you’ll be hosting small groups, get creative with the spaces in your home to allow for easier social distancing. Home offices or even guest rooms can be reinvented for people to have a quiet conversation, cocktails, or for the kiddos to watch a movie.

4. Get your fireplace ready for the season. 

In addition to making sure it’s clean and inspected, you may want to liven up your fireplace with an updated fireplace screen or invest in some new fireplace tools. Nothing says cozy like sitting next to a crackling fire. Keep a s’mores kit in the pantry for whenever the craving hits.

5. Switch your accessories for the season. 

Swap out some of your throw pillows and blankets for luxe textures, such as velvet, cashmere, or faux fur.

6. Make a welcoming table. 

A seasonal centerpiece, such as a big vase of freshly cut branches, can refresh your dining room.

7. Focus on your front porch. 

Even if you aren’t inviting guests over, a pretty wreath on your door and festive decorations on your steps send a cheerful message to passersby.

8. Wash your windows. 

Getting rid of the cloudy grime will make your view brighter—a gift to your future self when you’re spending more time indoors.

9. Take stock of the essentials. 

Now’s the time to think about the things you use most in the fall and winter, and consider what needs to be upgraded or replaced. Does your pandemic baking hobby warrant a better pie dish? Would a set of matching popcorn bowls make family movie night even sweeter? Are you always hunting for matches, playing cards, or batteries? It might be time to squirrel away some extras.

10. Let it go. 

As you’re packing away your summer gear, toss or donate things that you no longer like or fit with your life.

It’s a good feeling when we can lean into all that comes with the change of season, and it’s my hope that these simple steps will set you up for a more comfortable fall and winter, even if it looks a little different than years past.

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