October 22, 2020

Our Best Sources for Cozy & Affordable Fall Layers

As the days turn colder I feel inspired to amp up the coziness factor with woolly textures, cashmere throw blankets, and a little attention to our fireplace hearth. Check out some of our go-to sources at Rachel Reider Interiors for stylish, yet affordable fall layering here.

FALL HAS ARRIVED! I just grabbed a light sweater to put on before I write this new post and it’s no wonder that our topic is about layering your home with cozy accessories for the months ahead. Here are just a few inexpensive ways to layer in some warmth and freshen up your interior spaces this fall.

1. Freshen up your throw pillows

We are all spending more time at home these days and a little pillow refresh on our favorite couch can provide a much needed mood lift.  One of our favorite sources for handmade designer pillows is Etsy. AriannaBelle, SparkModern, and OrangeOliveStudio are just some of our favorite shops on Etsy to source pillows and we love to support small businesses. Think of choosing new cozy colors like a warm blush or a rich pumpkin hue and pair it with a cozy wool or boucle pillow. I’m loving the ease of a contemporary black and white mix right now, and the chain stitch "Tweed" pillow by Judy Ross is perfect for the cooler months. Check out the new collection of Judy Ross pillows here.

2. Pay attention to your fireplace

The fireplace is an often overlooked spot in the homes I visit for site tours. A new fireplace screen and new tools, alongside a fresh basket filled with wood can inspire you to light a fire for a cozy date-night at home. Restoration Hardware has some great options and the Rivet Hearth Flat Panel Screen is on my own list for a little fall purchase.

3. Sprinkle on the throw blankets

Fall is a great time to get out the throw blankets and sprinkle one on the couch, your bed, or a favorite reading chair. They tend to start showing their wear after a few years so if it’s time to treat yourself to a new cozy blanket check out the plethora of fabulous fall colors and patterns at Williams Sonoma Home. They are now offering recycled cashmere blankets which have 92% less environmental impact than virgin cashmere. What’s not to love about that? Styling Tip: For an effortless look, grab the blanket in the center, give it a shake and then gently toss it on the corner of your bed.

4. Add a warm waffle robe to your bath

There’s nothing better than getting out of a hot shower and wrapping up in a luxurious bathrobe. I’m a fan of Parachute Home right now and they have resort-quality bathrobes and slippers which will make you feel as though you just booked a night at a five-star hotel, for a fraction of the price. I look forward to the days when I can travel to Europe again and a new robe and slippers just might make the wait for Paris that much more tolerable.

We hope these tips provide a little inspiration for your own fall refresh. Stay tuned for more design inspiration and photos from our latest projects.

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