July 28, 2021

Looking back on 15 years

I’m sharing some of the moments that have meant the most to me since I started RRI.

We recently marked an important milestone for Rachel Reider Interiors: our 15-year anniversary. The reason I started my own small business was because I wanted a lifestyle that would allow me to explore my creativity, while providing the flexibility I wanted for my family. We started at my dining table, and it feels like a lifetime ago. At the same time, it’s hard to believe it’s already been 15 years! I’ve grown so much as a person, and the business is in such an unexpected place than I imagined in 2006. Looking back, I wanted to share some meaningful moments and memories with you.

Sensing Our Value: 

Repeat clients have always been important to me. On the one hand, they’ve been a significant component to growing our business. On a more personal note, they illustrate the trust we’ve built, as well as their happiness with the work we’ve completed for them. These relationships have taken us down some fun paths, such as designing as many as nine projects for one family and going down to North Carolina to work with another set of clients. One memory that always sticks out in my mind is receiving a message from a client at work. We had worked with them in the past, but now, years later, with kids and a dog, they were debating moving. However, they didn’t even want to explore the possibility of a new home unless they knew I was on board. I was—and still am—so touched that my work was so meaningful to them that it would influence such a major life decision. Needless to say, I said of course, and the project turned out gorgeous.

Growing Our Team: 

When I started the business, I always hoped I would have one person to work alongside me. Fairly early on, I hired my first employee, and then Tricia, who was with our team for 10 years. When I hired our third employee, Katie, as our Client Associate, it really felt like things were starting to snowball for our business. We were crammed into the attic space of my home. Around that time, in 2011, I won New England Home’s 5 Under 40 Award. The synchronicity of these events gave me the confidence to move into our office space. This represented a big shift in our business. Since then, our team has continued to expand in wonderful ways. Lauren, our Project Manager, and Kristina, our Senior Hospitality Interior Designer, have both been with us for over six years.

Appreciating Recognition: 

I’ll never forget when RRI got our first piece of press. It was just a tiny blurb in the Boston Globe, but it was so exciting at the time. A few years into my career, I was thrilled to land our first cover of a magazine, New England Home. I knew our work was going to be featured in the issue, but when I finally held the magazine in my hands, it was such a thrilling surprise to see we made the cover! Since then, we’ve been on a total of five magazine covers, included in three books, and have been honored in several ways, including being named a trendsetter by Coastal Living, and a Top Tastemaker by Modern Luxury Interiors. However, that first cover will always stand out as a big moment.

Expanding into Hotels: 

Opening our business to include both residential and hospitality design marked another major shift. It all started by a chance, fate encounter when my husband took me to a BnB in Maine for my 30th birthday. During our visit, we had a good connection with the innkeepers, and learned they had a new property in Nantucket. They encouraged me to submit a bid, and while I was honest that I didn’t have any hotel experience, they desired a comfortable, boutique feel, and I landed the job! That led to several other projects together and a slew of relationships that have truly built the hospitality side of our business into what it is today. As our hotel business thrived, we brought in Kristina, whose extensive hospitality background elevated our projects to new heights.

Celebrating Together: 

Over the years, we’ve had much to celebrate, from the personal to the professional. I believe that tight connections are a big part of what makes our work enjoyable and strong. One unforgettable party was the Best of Boston Home 2020 Awards. I was honored to be named Best Contemporary Interior Designer, and our whole team was there together. It was apropos because every single member of RRI was an integral part of that accomplishment. This was December 2019, and little did we know it would be a long time before we could live it up like that again. I’m so glad we had that festive night together.

Looking forward, it’s difficult to anticipate what lies ahead. We’ve accomplished so much growth, and there’s room for us to become even larger, but I’m really pleased with the size of our firm and the balance we’ve achieved. Now, it’s time to focus in on where I can be the most creative and challenged. Of course, I’m sure there will be interesting opportunities I haven’t even imagined yet. As always, I hope to continue to travel, attend trade shows, and discover new artisans to inspire me and make our projects unique. I will count on growing together with everyone—my family, team, and clients—who have been by my side since the beginning.

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