March 30, 2021

How We Design with Kids in Mind

Here’s how we create spaces both kids and adults love!

Lots of parents, particularly those who appreciate having a beautiful home, wonder how much freedom to give their kiddos when it comes to their own rooms. We think there’s plenty of space to make the whole family happy. Here’s how we approach it!

Gather Info 

While redesigning a home is an exciting project for everyone involved, every family is different in how they prepare for the big changes. When we’re designing a child’s bedroom or playroom, we are used to varying degrees of kid involvement. Depending on the age of the children, sometimes the parents speak to their kids ahead of time about their ideas, while in other instances, we get open feedback from the kids themselves!

We often collect little nuggets of information, such as favorite colors and hobbies, so we can weave them into the design. One thing remains consistent though: We always want to prioritize functionality. In kids’ spaces, there are a lot of needs when it comes to storage, organization, and play, and we make sure to address those.

Think Outside the Box 

Kids will often request pieces they want included in their spaces, such as fairy lights, pin boards, or sports memorabilia. It’s our job to think about the most attractive way to incorporate those wishes. A fun challenge is finding cool items that are just- right for kiddos of all ages, such as bean bags that can be plopped wherever kids want to lounge, magnetic Lucite frames that make it easy to swap out artwork in a gallery wall, and attractive baskets that stash toys and are easy to move around.

We also design with durability in mind, and opt for FLOR carpet tiles that are easy to clean or replace, stain-resistant fabrics, faux leathers, and vinyl wall coverings that can be wiped down. As we’re designing creatively, we like to give kids the opportunity to express their own imagination, as well. Craft tables that are just the right size, and walls painted with magnetic or chalkboard paint are ready for little artists to create.

Plan for Flexibility 

When you get together with family friends, do you ever find yourself in the playroom, chatting with the adults, glass of wine in hand, while the kids play? You’re not alone, and it just goes to show how “kid” spaces need to be grown up friendly, too! We aim to design flexible family spaces that have comfy seating for everyone. We want them to look and feel sophisticated.

Even when we’re designing bedrooms for our littlest clients, we bring a sense of timelessness to the space. When we focus on chic—not themed!—choices for the main elements, then we can layer in age-appropriate accessories that are easy to switch out as kids grow. Recently we updated a girl’s bedroom for a longtime client of ours. We originally designed the space when the daughter was 7, but now she’s a teenager and was ready for a refresh. Bringing in new bedding, a different window shade, and decorative layers, as well as adding a desk gave new life to the space. However, the foundation of the room, such as the rug, wall covering, and dresser stayed the same. Success!

Putting just as much thought into children’s spaces as we do the rest of the home makes sure it’s stylish, functional, and will stand the test of time. If your home needs to be reworked to better fit your family, then let’s start with a conversation.

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