August 27, 2020

How We Build Trust With Our Clients

Whether it’s your first project or your tenth, it takes a small leap of faith to put your home into someone else’s hands. Here’s how we calm those natural fears.

New projects always kickoff with loads of excitement (and maybe a dash of nerves), but inevitably, at some point, anxiety sneaks its way in. It usually happens right around the time when some elements are beginning to be installed, but the space isn’t yet complete. For example, our clients will see wallpaper they approved up on the walls for the first time. The doubt creeps in . . . and the phone calls and emails start coming in. Luckily, though, this is extremely common, and we know that trust is the way through it and to the beautiful design on the other side. Here are some of the ways we build that trust with our clients:

We listen.

At our kickoff meeting, we speak in detail about your likes, dislikes, and family’s needs, so we have a solid understanding of your style and lifestyle. Then, throughout the design process, we are always there to answer phone calls and emails and assuage any hesitations you have.

We’re ready with answers.

Part of our role as professional designers is to help you get outside your comfort zone a little bit. A leap of faith is required to achieve a truly jaw-dropping look, but we always want you to feel secure in the direction we’re headed. That means we’re willing to answer any questions you have and walk you through it step-by-step. We won’t use industry jargon that makes you feel clueless, and we don’t believe that there’s any question too simple or too small.

We let you experience it.

At our design presentation meeting (one of the most fun and exciting days!), we always provide you with swatches and samples so you can touch and feel what we are envisioning. However, sometimes you just need that extra assurance that it’s the right choice. That may mean visiting a showroom together so you can sit on a sofa, or testing out finishes together onsite.

We provide options.

If you’re unsure about a particular choice, we always have other alternatives and tweaks we can make to get every detail exactly right. We can be flexible.

We communicate.

We have regular status calls and check-ins with everyone working on the project to make sure the vision is coming together and your wishes are being represented. We share sketches and photos to help you imagine the final result. And we’re the interpreters between you and the contractors and architects so nothing gets lost in translation.

We stay calm.

There’s always a certain level of chaos that comes with big projects, but staying even-keeled keeps our process running smoothly and puts our clients’ minds at rest that we have it under control.

When we reach the finish line, and you get to see the big reveal, you realize that it all came together as we promised. The trust that’s built throughout the process, as well as the real relationships we’ve created, is the reason why we have many clients come back to us again and again to design new spaces for them. It’s all worth it!

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