March 3, 2022

How to Bring that "Getaway" Feel to your Vacation Home

As we countdown the days until the offical start of spring, we've got our sights on the warmer months ahead and how to design memorable vacation experiences for your vacation home.

Spending the last 15 years designing boutique hotels has given me and my team an adept understanding of what it takes to make a hospitality property not only look, but more importantly, feel like a refreshing change from the ordinary routine. It’s a goal that has become increasingly vital for homeowners as well. From maximizing space and materials to creating a relaxing and inviting energy, my boutique hotel design knowledge continues to help me make smarter, more creative choices for my residential clients. It also contributes to a better understanding of how to create a vacation-like space in a family's second home. It’s an unexpected niche we are thrilled to be in!

Are you and your family longing for that “Getaway” feel to your second property? Here are 3 areas to consider when designing your home away from home.


Create the right vibe.

When we begin any design project, we find that listening, really listening to the client is a great starting point. It helps us to get grounded in the goals for the home, how it will be used, and more importantly, the vision for its style or personality. No more is this one-of-a-kind feel truer than when designing a second home.

Whether you’re on the beach or in the mountains, It’s important to create a sense of place and environment focusing the design around the client's style preference. If your home is more coastal, look to incorporate more flowing organic fabrics like linen-like drapes and natural textures like grasscloth and sisal. Or layer in cozy and plush elements juxtaposed with natural materials like wood and stone to create a more ski house feel. Another cool way to create a sense of space is by adding in art and design elements from local artists.

Make it functional.

As I mentioned earlier, designing for hotels has given me many skills that naturally crossover to the residential space. One of these includes learning how to maximize the functionality of a space. Is it a home with a lot of young children? A couple that likes to entertain? Or is there a need for space to lounge or gather?  Creating livable, easy spaces that gives a family a variety of options to enjoy the home is important no matter where it resides. And be sure to choose durable materials that can endure messy spills and foottraffice, so families can live in the home without worry.


Add a touch of Luxury.

A visit to a vacation hotel or resort can and should  inspire you with that urge to instantly unwind.  And regardless of where your design tastes lie, adding a touch of luxury to your vacation space can make it feel like a place you aspire to live in (except you actually do!)  Whether it is modern lighting, marble countertops or conversation starting design pieces, we love looking for ways, big and small, to create the feel of luxury.

Capturing that getaway feeling in your second home can feel overwhelming at first but if you take the time to assess what gives you that special feeling of a sought after hotel or resort, you can create a space that you may never want to leave . We hope these tips help you as you begin this process.

And if you need someone to help you pull this off, give us a call!

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