February 9, 2022

6 Essential Elements for a Relaxing Bedroom

Is your bedroom a space that invites you to unwind from all the stresses of the day? Whether you’re planning a full redesign or just freshening it up, here are some of the things I recommend you include.

In my many years designing bedrooms for my clients—and a slew of boutique hotel rooms—one thing stands out. Everyone wants it to be a space where they feel completely taken care of. It’s where we kickoff our day (hopefully on a good note!) and where we recharge when our day is done. For some, it can be too easy to overlook this space and turn your attention to the rest of the home, but prioritizing your personal quarters is well-worth the investment. Check out the ways I like to elevate any bedroom design. 


A Dreamy Bed Whether you’re snuggling down to sleep, bingeing your latest Netflix obsession, or catching up on emails, comfort is key. We love how upholstered headboards bring plushness to a space that often has several hard surfaces. This is an opportunity to get creative. By playing around with elements such as height, tufting, and fabric, you can create a bed that’s as modern or traditional as your tastes.

Cozy Linens With crisp sheets as the foundation, we like to top our beds with a cloud- like duvet, a set of sleeping pillows, pillows in shams that match the duvet cover, fun decorative pillows, and finally, a sumptuous throw blanket—such as a silk or faux fur--at the foot of the bed. Who wouldn’t want to curl up in that?

A Quiet Color Scheme When you think of a peaceful bedroom, do you imagine soft neutrals, subdued shades, and spa-like pastels? If so, you’re not alone, but that’s not the only palette that evokes relaxation. Deep jewel tones and moody hues can also quiet the mind and develop the retreat you crave. One of the keys is to consider pattern play, as well. Free-flowing, organic patterns feel more restful than big, bold motifs or energetic small-scale prints.

High-Tech Touches Today, technology is so engrained in our lives. While modern wisdom says devices and sleep don’t mix, we think it works best when tech is a tool that improves your experience and space. Who could argue against the convenience of pressing a button from your bed and having the window treatments close to total blackout? Or having a built-in phone charger in the top drawer of your bedside table with no messy cords to contend with?


Luxe Layers From the largest elements, such as wall coverings and window treatments, to the small, but essential accessories, every layer is a chance to add richness to your space. Consider making warm selections, such as grass-cloth wallpaper, cushy carpets, and dimmable lighting. When adding personal items (alarm clocks, jewelry boxes, and candles) and decorative items (picture frames, vases, and trays), try to select them with the overall design scheme in mind.

Your Personality Finally, one big benefit of designing your bedroom is you only have to think of yourself (and your partner)! Main spaces must be considerate of guests and the whole family, but in your private bedroom, you can really lean into your preferences. Functionality is the key to making your bedroom feel like an inviting and easy space to be in. Consider the little elements, such as the most comfortable height for your bedside table in relation to your mattress height or how much darkness you need for restful sleep. Your bedroom is also a wonderful space to hang family photos or display meaningful artwork.

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